------------------------------No rest for the living------------------------------

WELCOME My name is
O r l a n d o
G u e v a r a

Thanks for your visit, I'm a Web Developer and Pixel Artist from Venezuela and currently living in Spain.

Interested in any of my skills?

Web development

  • Client-side fundamentals (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • UI building: React.js, Next.js, Astro
  • Scalable UI styling with TailwindCSS
  • Type-safe codebases using TypeScript
  • Server-side scripting with Python (Django, Flask)
  • Familiarized with Linux based operative systems

Pixel Art

  • Silky smooth animation spritework for both low-res and high-res sprites
  • Design plan for the aesthetics of your Pixel Art game
  • Tilemap design and decoration with Tiled and Unity's Tilemap editor


Web development

  • 2023 CCSCEX - LinkedIn

    Designed, architected and refactored multiple projects, which include a chat application (Preact, Socket.io), an educational platform and an e-commerce platform (Next.js, Tailwind, React Query).

  • 2022 MetaMarket Project - Live site - Showcase

    Fully interactive and responsive SVG map built with Next.js, @visx, TailwindCSS for a Web3 environment

Pixel Art

  • 2022-2023 Order of Athanor - Website

    Community driven RPG project solo developed by Dustin Auxier. Tasked with animation spritework for multiple characters

  • 2020-2021 Cramped Room of Death - Trailer

    Published by Nicalis Inc. and released on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Created all animated spritework and led decoration for most of the level tilemaps within the game

some projects

Web development

  • 2023 This website!

    Built using Astro, CSS and mostly JavaScript.

  • 2021 Bardo Colectivo - Live site

    Website for the non-profit art collective group Bardo Colectivo, built alongside a team of students using Next.js, SCSS and Contentful, a headless CMS.

  • 2020 Science Warp - Code

    TypeScript game template made with Phaser.js for college students in the UNEXPO university seeking out to start in the game development field.

  • 2019 Tomate IoT - Showcase - Code

    Dissertation project made for school. IoT management fullstack platform made with React.js, Flask and Mosquitto

Pixel Art

  • 2017-2020 Lonely Moon Games - Games

    Indie game studio in which I participated making 6 Jam games in which I created all involved artwork, tasks aside this included playtesting, QA, game design and sound design.

    • Code Red: platforming action game, featured Top 3 and frontpaged in both Newgrounds, Armor Games and Kongregate. Placed 83th in Ludum Dare 37, general category.
    • Sucker Munch : top down shooter, Top 5 in NewGrounds, featured in both NewGrounds and Kongregate. Placed 5th in Ludum Dare 38, fun category.


Multidisciplinary developer focused on providing best UX/UI practices while delivering modern visuals.

Good performance in my eyes not only implies fast visuals, but also understanding the core principles behind the web such as network request optimization, asset optimization and reducing network round trips.

I'm always eager to learn new tech and I'm particularly interested in rendering work, my passion is to become specialized in Graphics Programming in the future.

Picture of myself