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The creation of this site

Some tomato man working in a building cleaning window panes

After quite a while, I’ve finally decided to stand up and make a portfolio site! It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while.

More than a landing page I wanted to make something I can use in the future to present things I’m working on, not only blog posts but also a lab section to place future creations (when I make them lol).

Me in a computer

Astro is AMAZING, I can’t think of anything else that aligns so well with my brain; I tried 11ty and it’s great but my brain is so baked into component driven UIs that Astro seemed like a better pick out of the box.

Something that drew me to Astro was the simplicity, I’d just create an empty template, stick some HTML, some styles, componetize UI elements, and I was ready to go with some .md files for my posts, that’s really all I wanted.

Most of what you see was built from top to bottom, which is my general approach to problem solving, planning is indeed extremely important but many answers (for me) come up as the structure is being built.

My thought process animated